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Due to my Service-Connected Disability, I am medically retired. This resume is only for historic value.


U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Department of Homeland Security:
10-09-2010 (ICS-210) Initial Incident Commander Course
01-17-2010 (APC) – Administrative Procedures Course
11/28/2009 (IS-00100.a) FEMA: Introduction to the Incident Command System
11/28/2009 (IS-00200.a) FEMA: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
11/28/2009 (IS-00700.a) FEMA: National Incident Management System (NIMS)
11/28/2009 (IS-00800.b) FEMA: National Response Framework

Computer Related:
1984-2007  – To View, all of my Dell Certifications go to http://dalecrow.com/certs/
05/29/2006 – IBM Laptop Certified
11/30/2005 – Hughes DSL/Unified Broadband Certification
10/16/2005 – Apple Certified – Desktop and Laptop
08/16/2005 – Tatung TV Certified
04/19/2005 – IBM Customer Satisfaction and Business Conduct
02/02/2005 – Canon Copiers – Certified
04/14/2005 – Sony Certified –  HDTVs.
08/11/2004 – Sony Certified – Desktops, Laptops
10/01/2004 – MPC Computers Certified – Server and Desktop
02/26/2003 – IBM Desktop Certified
02/04/2001 – Toshiba Associate Technician Certification
06/01/2000 – QualXServ’s Sun Microsystems Certification  – SUN001, IPC/X,SPARC 1,2,4 Ultra 1,2,3,10
08/25/1999 – A+ Certified Technician
40 Hrs  1997 – Windows 95 / Windows NT – Wang courses.
40 Hrs  1994 – Hughes Network Systems (Hughes Satellite Earth Station)
80 Hrs  1992 – Personal Computers (DOS, WINDOWS and NT 286-486 P-I, II, III, AMD Processors)
120 Hrs  1990 – Pinnacle Plus System (UNIX M68000 Processors With a Token Ring LAN)
60 Hrs  1985 – WP III Pinnacle System (Z80 AND 8088 Processors)
60 Hrs  1985 – Pinnacle System Maintenance (Z80 Processor)
144 Hrs  1984 – Eight Window System Maintenance (Z80 Processor)
16 Hrs  1984 – XEROX Customer Satisfaction Skills

U.S.A.F. Schooling:
40 Hrs  1984 – NCO Leadership course
30 Hrs  1983 – Digital Techniques
72 Hrs  1982 – Solid State & Integrated Circuit Devices
1,008 Hrs  1981 – Electronic Warfare Systems   (ECM)

GRAD  1979 – Fairhope High School, Fairhope, Alabama.


GH1 Web Hosting  /A web Presents Provider

1987 Jan – Present
GH1.com is a Full-Service Web Presence Provider located on a reliable data center and server. We have a full-time tech support staff that is available 24/ 7 365 days a year. We host many non-profit and Christian websites.  I work with many Content Management Systems, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, concrete5 along with FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web, Photo Impact, WhoIs programs and Net Scanner Programs. I am well versed in the World Wide Web

Technical Support Specialist / IT professional
Pen Air Federal Credit Union

2007 Sept – 2018 Jan
My primary job was to help man the helpdesk and assist our employees with both hardware and software needs. As a skilled technician, I can fix not only the issue at hand but the customer as well.  As one of four technicians, I work with many products and systems including; ShoreTel phone system, Cisco Call Manager, VOIP phones, Evolve/PegaReach, Fiserv Nautilus imaging, and Jack Henry & Associates, Symitar product. I am the system admin for the Kayako helpdesk program and server.  I am also the project manager for the credit union’s copiers and work to manage the warranties and leases.  I man the early shift and do some operations tasks required to open the Credit Union. As a former Dell Master Certified Server Tech, I help with any hardware needs in the Data Center. The data center duties range from racking servicers, installing PDU’s and setting up the KVM system in all of the racks.  We started with Dell KVM systems and then moved to StarTech KVM Systems. I also researched and implemented the first hard drive cloning system using a Logicube cloner. This reduced the load time for each PC and increased productivity.

Field Service Engineer / Break and Fix Technician
QualXServ / Getronics / Wang Global / Olsy / Olivetti / ISC-Bunker Ramo / ISC:

1984 Sept 2007
I worked as a high-end remote technician with little to no supervision. Dell Master Server Certified and chosen to work on Dell’s Storage Ares Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems.  I worked with DOS, UNIX, DNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS 3.x, 95, 98, Win 2000, NT and XP operating systems. I also worked on the low-end servers, workstations, desktop and laptop computers as well as Canon copiers, Hughes networks satellite communications equipment, Sony and Tatung plasma and LCD TVs. As a remote technician, I relied on my knowledge of system level concepts; digital, analog and microprocessor theory and application, electronic theory.

Hurlburt Field, Fl.

1980 – 1984
Primary Technician of the AC 130 repeater jammer systems.  Installed, maintained and repaired (ECM) electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare systems installed in military aircraft Utilize schematics and technical orders. Assign work, evaluate maintenance quality, and provide training to apprentice technicians.  Highly skilled in troubleshooting and fault isolation.

Additional Knowledge and Experience 

I own and operate a web hosting company GH1 Web Hosting, Inc. http://GH1.com. I work with many Content Management Systems, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, concrete5 along with FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web, Photo Impact, WhoIs programs and Net Scanner Programs. I am well versed in the World Wide Web. I also the founder and owner Of Mission Trips LLC, http://MissionTrips.com.   Mission Trips LLC is a mission trip sending organization. I have worked with six different countries across the Caribbean and the Central Americas.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

DIR-U, BC-ISH, DSO-CS, / U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
In 2009 I joined the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. This is volunteer position that I had to undergo a security clearance and take an oath. I am no longer a civilian; I am an Auxiliarist.  The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. Created by an Act of Congress in 1939, the Auxiliary directly supports the Coast Guard in all missions, except military and law enforcement actions. This is all done after hours and in my spare time.

2010 Nov – 2012 Nov
Appointed and served two years as DIR-IU – National Director, Information Technology User Services. I helped to re-organize the I-department to create the IT User Services Department. I was brought in due to my customer service skills, tech support skills and my help desk background.  As a director, I manage four divisions containing 25 people.  We are responsible for the following, the national web presence, support for all of the CS officers including the AUX-04 C-school, the National Help Desk / Knowledge Base and the support forms and databases used by the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

2010 May – Present
Appointed DSO-CS – District Communication Services Officer – USCGAUX 8th Coastal Region. As the I manage two Assistant District Staff Officers and am in charge of 46 district CS officers along with the district web page and the online store.  I completed a 160-hour rework of the website and also set up the online to be able to take credit cards. I wrote the first guide for the USCGAUX for the use of Facebook. This guide was a how-to guide on setting up the Facebook fan page and locking it down.  The how-to guide was the bases for today’s USCGAUX facebook policy.  I was sent to Dallas to teach a course on Facebook and social media. I also spoke at the District training in Mobile to taught a class on Information Security and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

2009 Oct – 2010 Aug  After the Director job 2012 Mar – Present
Appointed BC-ISH – Branch Chief, USCGAUX National IT Support Help Desk. I selected the new platform for the National IT Support Help Desk and set it up. As the Branch Chief, I oversee that the system is working and that the support request is handled.

2009 May – 2017 Mar
The Flotilla closed: I was appointed FSO-CS – Communication Services Officer – Milton Fl. Flotilla. As the FSO-CS I am in charge of the local flotilla web site.  I set the website up to be in line with the National website and created a Facebook fan page and linked it to Twitter. I also set up a Google shared calendar for the members. This website was noticed by both the District and by the National Department of Information Technology, and both offered me a position on their staff.

Executive Director/CEO
Mission Trips LLC / MissionTripS.com

1999 Aug – Aug 2018*
I founded MissionTripS.com in Aug 1999.  I came up with one of the best ways to send people on short-term mission trips. We did things differently from the rest. We were a Sending Organization that Customized mission trips to meet the needs of the group (large or small). It was a pleasure to own and operate http://MissionTrips.com. I have worked with six different countries across the Caribbean and the Central Americas. After fifteen years I had to shut Mission Trips down in Jun 2014. In 2018 I started it back up and it ran for 8 months before I had to close it. The short term mission trip business has changed. It was hard to compete with large companies with deep pockets.


Birth Date: 14 August 1960
Height: 6’0″  Weight  215 Lbs.
Marital Status: Married, two adult children
Interests: Computers, Electronics, Web page design, Mission work, Music
Security Clearance: Secret (2003) U.S.A.F.
Security Clearance:  (2009) U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Travel: Willing to travel.
Available: Now