Custom Made Adams A4 with a Red Brass 5 1/2 inch Shepherd’s Crook Bell

Custom Made Adams A4 with a Shepherd’s Crook Bell

Custom Items are:
RED Brass Bell – Red Brass gives it a full, rich, warm, dark sound. The Shepherd’s Crook bell bend also darkens the sound.
The Bell Gauge is 0.50mm (thicker than the standard 0.40 giving more stability and density of sound)
Added a 3rd slide water key
Green Abalone inlay valve keytops $90 (Comes with the original Wood inlay valve key tops as well)

Custom Made Adams A4 Full Stats
Red brass Shepherd’s crook bell with 140mm 5.5 inches flare diameter Brushed Lacquer finish.
The Bell Gauge is 0.50mm
Heavy bronze and nickel silver block valve casing
Large Bore 12mm – 0.472in
Offset first valve thumb ring
Added a 3rd slide water key
2.15 Lbs
SN 53732

I worked with both Austin Custom Brass and Neal at Adams to create this horn.  It is just too big for me and loud for the Pensacola Civic Band.  I got the horn in May 2021. It does not have many hours on it.  No dings or scratches. The mouthpiece makes a big difference on this horn. With a shallow cup, it is a bright Trumpet. With a deep cup, it is a deep dark cornet!   It is just like new.  It comes with a gig bag and two sets of valve keytops, the original wood inlay, and the green inlay.   

This is a private sale so no sales tax. For sale to anyone in the Colonial United States via PayPal or Zelle.

The price is $4000 and UPS 3 Day free shipping!

If you are one of my Facebook friends just PM me.  If not then you can use the form on this website to reach me. My Facebook account has been cloned mutable times and I had to lock down everything I have online.  

Here is a video of the horn that Austin Custom Brass did before they sent it to me.