Welcome to my domain.

This domain is to let companies see my resume and find out who I am, Dale C. Crow.

I am medically retired due to my Military Service-Connected Disability,  I am still the owner and CEO at GH1 Web Hosting GH1.com  – GH1 is a web presence provider and consulting company. We do everything from domain sales, web hosting, WordPress webpage development, network implementation, network administration down to computer hardware and security systems.  

In January 2019 I opened up Crow Custom Brass. Working with a factory in China I imported customized Trumpets and some other interments as well. It was very cool to see Music interments with my name and logo on them!  My dream was to bring quality instruments to the market and a fair price. This came to a halt after the Covid-19 virus broke out. Due to the pandemic and issues that I had with the factory, it was clear that I was not able to continue business with the factory in China. I ended up closing the company in Aug of 2020.

After 10 years with Pen Air Federal Credit Union, I had to leave due to my Service-Connected Disability. I have been fighting back issues for years from an injury that I sustained while on active duty in the Air Force back in 1983. This has plagued me and altered the rest of my life. In the last 5 years at Pen Air FCU.  I found it harder and harder to meet the minimum requirements of my job at Pen Air.

Pen Air did try to accommodate my injuries but it was clear that I was no longer able to do the job. The leadership at Pen Air made me feel unuseful and irrelevant. Those that know me, know that I cannot do something halfway. It is 100% or nothing. Due to the leadership style and the culture of gotcha, my job of ten years turned into a toxic work environment.  I ended my employment with Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Jan 26, 2018. It was very hard to walk away, I was pulling down $69,000 a year but my dignity meant more to me than the money!  It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.  

I started my employment with Pen Air Federal Credit Union in 2007 after 24 years of Break and Fix Technical Support.  Hard work and many miles of windshield time paid off.  When I arrived at Pen Air they were loading Computers one at a time. I helped them get the cloning equipment so they could close 10 hard drives at a time. They also had old Dell PC’s that had capacitor issues.  I found a 3rd party vendor that would replace the capacitors on the Dell desktop motherboards.  Doing this allowed Pen Air to get three more years out of the old Dell Computers, saving Pen Air FCU a lot of money!  Then I was able to help in the Data Center.  My Dell Certs paid off and I was able to use my vast hardware knowledge of computer racks and KVMs to help update the data center.

I served as a Technical Support Specialist and worked on a broad range of IT tasks from VOIP phones to server work in the data center. My primary role is working on the support desk helping support our employees and branches with their IT needs. I also help out with the operations tasks in the data center.  My many years as a Break and Fix Technician has really helped me out in troubleshooting over the phone. Working with NetSupport being able to connect to the user’s PC I can correct most of the there issues remotely.

In 2009 I also joined the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. This is a volunteer position that I had to undergo a security clearance and take an oath. I am no longer a civilian, I am an Auxiliarist.  The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. Created by an Act of Congress in 1939, the Auxiliary directly supports the Coast Guard in all missions, except military and law enforcement actions. This is all done after hours and in my spare time.

In the Coast Guard Auxiliary, I have held four staff positions: DIR-U, DSO-CS, BC-ISH, BA-IWN, FSO-CS

DIR-U – Director of Information Technology User Services  (Nov 2010 – Nov 2012)
BC-ISH – Branch Chief, USCGAUX National IT Support Help Desk
BA-IWN – National Department Support
DSO-CS – District Communication Services Officer – USCGAUX 8th Coastal Region (Currently held position)
FSO-CS – Communication Services Officer – Flotilla 081-01-08  (Currently held position)

With QualXServ my job changed over the years as other companies bought the company. I went from repairing proprietary bank computers to Dell High-End Servers and Computers, IBM Computers, Sony Computers, MCP Computers, Apple Computers, Canon Copiers, Hughes Satellite Earth Stations, and now Sony LCD and Plasma TVs.

The new industry buzz words are “Break and Fix Technician”.  The definition of a Break and Fix Technician is someone who is able to repair any equipment without being trained on it. As someone that has been out in the field for 24 years and been in electronics for 31 years, I am a “Break and Fix Technician”.

With QualXserv I worked as a high-end remote technician working with little to no supervision. I was one of the very few QualXServ technicians sent to Dell’s Master Server Certification course and chosen to work on Dell’s Storage Ares Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Before the 24 years with QualXServ. I did four years in the U.S.A.F working with the electronic warfare systems on the AC-130 Gunships at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base. I was working on the AC-130 Gunships during Operation Urgent Fury (invasion of Grenada) 25 October 1983 when I was TDY on Howard Air Force Base, Panama. I received the Outstanding Unit Award with Valor for being a part of Operation Urgent Fury.

The other side of my computer experience is self-taught. I own and operate GH1 Web Hosting found at http://GH1.com. I oversee GH1 and its tech support technicians. We have a support staff of about 20 techs.  I work with many Content Management Systems, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, concrete5, and Mambo along with FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web 4, FTP programs, Photo Impact, WhoIs programs, and Net Scanner Programs. I am well versed in the World Wide Web.

I also was the Executive Director/CEO of Mission Trips LLC, It was a mission organization! It was a pleasure to own and operate. This was under the domain (MissionTrips.com) I sold the domain in 2018. Mission Trips LLC was a mission trip sending organization. I worked with six different countries across the Caribbean and the Central Americas. After fifteen years I had to shut Mission Trips down. In 2018 I started it back up and it ran for 8 months before I had to close it. The short term mission trip business has changed. Big business has taken over. It was hard to compete with large companies with deep pockets.

I also worked as a Church Choir Director for Leggett Memorial United Methodist Church, Mary Ester UMC, and St Luke UMC.  I also served in youth ministry for 15 years.  I served as a youth pastor for 11 of the 15 years at the First United Methodist Church of Pace.  I love teaching and love youth ministry.